An HRM system that adapts to what comes next.

Your workforce, how and where people work, even the skills you need continue to shift. So how do you adapt to what the future brings? Meet GalleryERP Human Resource Management (HRM).

Innovations for the changing world of HR.

Your workforce, how and where people work, even the skills you need continue to shift. So how do you adapt to what the future brings? Meet GalleryERP Human Resource Management (HRM).

A talent strategy that’s based on skills

Our machine learning helps you understand your people’s skills today and
build talent around the skills you’ll need tomorrow.

Experiences that engage everyone

From helping you listen to employee feedback to delivering the experiences your people want, we enable you to keep your workforce happy.

People analytics to guide your decisions

Our augmented analytics surfaces insights from vast data sets, explaining what’s happening and why in stories you can understand.

Automation to make work less work.

We deliver intelligent automation across the entire attract-to-pay process,
eliminating manual tasks and empowering your people to be their
most productive selves.

Employee Management

Gallery HR solutions offer smart payroll management where it is convenient and easy to manage
employees’ fnancial records effciently with many features and facilities. It is a matter of relief to rely on this standard software that complies with the labour laws and regulations


Employee Self Service

  • Personal Information with photograph
  • Employment Details (Designation, Employee status, Date Joined etc.)
  • Payment Details (Basic Salary, Fixed Allowance, Fixed Deductions etc.)
  • Employee segregation by department, job category, grade and employment status

Recurring Activity Maintenance

  • Monthly, Daily salary facility
  • Salary advance facility
  • Over Time claims
  • No Pay deductions
  • Daily Attendance Entry
  • Maintenance of fixed allowance and variable allowance
  • No Pay deductions


  • Multi company maintenance
  • Customized Pay Slip with company logo
  • Advance Employee search
    Pay method settings (Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer)
  • Temporary salary posting facility to generate temporary reports
  • Permanent salary posting to close the month and generate the final reports
  • Generate text file for an online bank transfer for multiple bank accounts
  •  No Pay deductions

Create better ways for people to work.

Better manage your global workforce; automate
time-consuming, repetitive tasks; and free up
your people to be their most productive selves.

In-depth Attendance Management

Create and update personalized shift schedules for every employee! Gallery ERP enables you to generate individual shift schedules for any employee and implement them in just a few clicks. What’s better, site managers and employees can also submit a shift change request directly to their supervisors for approval, ensuring simplified processes.

Location Details with Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging gives information on your team’s exact location. Both Geo Tagging and Facial Recognition helps you to generate the most accurate attendance data.

Manage Employee Shifts Easier

Flexible, smooth and comfortable are three words that are often used to describe the experience of changing shifts with GalleryERP. Just select the shift schedule you want and apply it to the appropriate team members.

Attendance Correction Request

Employees can easily access their attendance list and request attendance corrections right in the GalleryERP mobile app! Supervisors will be instantly notified of any attendance correction request right in their smartphones, this helps speed up the approval process.

Facial Recognition

Armed with AI and Machine Learning, our Facial Recognition Technology continuously learns your attendance data in every recording activity, with the aim of reducing fraud attempts.

Time & Attendance

With GalleryERP Time Attendance solutions, it is easy to maintain complicated working rules, time shifts when creating rosters, calculation and estimation of work hours and customization of overtime, when it could take hours to do all these tasks manually. Now it is easy to manage attendance online, create user-defined leave types and integrate time records
and payroll modules simultaneously too.


Features & Facilities

  • Maintenance of different shifts and complicated working rules
  • Calculation of customized overtime hours
    Multiple companies, departments and job categories
  • User-definable leave types (Annual, Casual, medical, short leave etc.)
  • Complicated Rosters
  • Online Attendance Monitor
  • Integrated to Time Recorders (Barcode, Proximity and Fingerprint)
  • Easy integration with Gallery HR Payroll module
  • Any other user definable working rules

Auto Calculations

  • Customized Over time (OT normal, OT double or user defined)
  • Calculation of No Pay days/Leaves
  • Late Deduction/Early Departures


  • Head Count and Absentees
  • Actual vs Budget report (Head count, Over Time, Absent etc.)
  • Over time, Late Attendance and Early Departures
  • Leave summary and detail reports and many user definable reports